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Business Development Services (BDS)

Welcome to YTEDC’s Business Development Services, where we ignite the spark for thriving businesses. Our comprehensive approach to business growth is designed to empower individuals and enterprises, fostering resilience and innovation.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Entrepreneurship Training Program
  • Enhancing business performance

Integrated Entrepreneurship Training Program

Embark on a transformative journey with our Integrated Entrepreneurship Training Program, an 8-month initiative designed to unlock your entrepreneurial potential.

Through personalized goal-setting, skills development, and community engagement, this program empowers you to initiate, grow, and manage a successful business while fostering resilience in a supportive group environment.

Objectives of the program
  • Unlock your entrepreneurial potential with our 8-month transformative program.
  • Set personal goals and gain skills for successful business initiation, growth, and management.
  • Join a community of entrepreneurs for mutual support and accountability.
Our Programs

What we do

Youth Empowerment & Training

We work with youth to inculcate business oriented skills and equip them with skills on how to develop business ideas, saving for business growth, running sustainable businesses,  and accessing market opportunities.

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Enhancing Business Performance

We help businesses to enhance their growth capacity to profitability.  Our training program helps them to access & identify their capacity, design a roadmap to tapping their internal talents and other capabilities which are used for business improvement.

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Women Empowerment

YTEDC is involved in training young mothers from various counties. The objective of the training is to educate them on business start up and positive financial behaviors such as better savings and budgeting activities.

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