Integrated Entrepreneurship Training Program

This program is for improved livelihoods and socio-economic empowerment implemented under the group model.

Aimed at promoting entrepreneurship for improved family incomes.

ο Social Mobilization– creating a community around you for your social support/accountability partner
ο Inculcating a saving culture – for business startup & scale up capital
ο Entrepreneurial skills – for business growth & resilience
ο Financial management – Money management matters
ο Business value addition – to enhance competitiveness & business continuity
ο Business plan for business startup/ enhancement – Individual deliverable to help creating business clarity.
ο Evaluation on outcomes

Enhancing business performance.

For individual entrepreneurs. Coaching and mentorship for individual entrepreneurial skills development

Corporate training programs.

i. Making Microfinance work.  Addressing the central nerve – The Employee’s performance and attitude and on credit operations.
ii. Boosting the SMES’ performance Aligning the employees’ aspirations with the company’s Vision & Mission.
iii. Governance for Microfinance Boards – Making Boards effective.