Young Vulnerable Mothers (under 25) training program

In disadvantaged social environments and situations. The training is designed to enable the mothers to either start or run own enterprise or improve their ability to search for casual jobs to improve family incomes.

   Entrepreneurship skills,
 Financial literacy,
 Social skills & psychosocial competency
 Personal hygiene & Etiquette.
 Self-confidence, self-love and self-belief.

The project is focused on forestalling the influx of street families occasioned by desperate young mothers from within the informal settlements mostly in urban areas.




Young Women Professionals  (25-35 years.)

At entry and first supervisory employment level.

The coaching and mentorship program to address challenges related to family-work balance and the work environment hitches often encountered by young women in their work situation.

At this stage you may not be sure of your destiny.

The coaching and mentorship program will provide you a compass through this confusing stage of life to a level of career and family stability in spite of your work and family situations.




The outstanding woman

This is a coaching and mentorship program enabling you bring out your best in performance and resilience in order to actualize your aspiration as a career women or entrepreneur.

You have an aspired goal but need a mentor to get you there?  This is the program for you.







She Embraces Change

A women empowerment program which strives to bring women together to networking, learn, and share amongst themselves and to let go of life stresses.

This helps strengthen their inner self and their ability to aim for higher goals in their lives and in whatever they do for living.