Shaping Youth Destiny

A training program focused on enabling youth under 20 years, to learn and inculcate the right life values and attributes which are critical for their adulthood life implemented in partnership with parents.






Standing Out in Search for Work

Are you looking for new employment, want to change jobs, or want to enhance your career competitiveness?

Do you desire to start own enterprise and be self-employment? This training will help create clarity and enhance your opportunities for job search or build your entrepreneurial capacity to run a successful business.

The training, coaching and mentorship under this program is aimed at enhancing your competitiveness and confidence in search for work, in both employment and self-employment (Entrepreneurship).


School-based Talent and Entrepreneurship clubs.

Aimed at nurturing and developing talents and entrepreneurial skills to pupils and students as a foundation to their future careers. Implementedn in partnership with schools.

College-industry skills gap training program to equip young graduates with competitive skills to aid them in their job search. This program introduce the young graduates to what the employers wants.