1st Phase ongoing at Kisian Primary School, Kisumu County

  The School based Agribusiness project

Pupils at Kisian Primary School, Kisumu county have achieved great progress on our School based Agribusiness Project.We focus on facilitating Agricultural value chain development through partners, in an effort to encouraging learners (mostly targeting on Primary and Secondary School learners)  to venture into agribusiness for food security in line with Pillar on ‘Agriculture’ on the big 4 Gvt Agenda. YTEDC has special interest on inculcating Agricultural enterprise skills to young people considering the sector’s great potential to  contribute greatly to youth employment creation. The Company also works with entrepreneurs above 35 years who in most cases takes up the mentorship role for the young upcoming entrepreneurs within their respective areas.

Currently, the first phase of this project is going on at Kisian Primary school in Kisumu county.

The Project entails the following Modules:

  •  Talent awareness and development as an important component of learning for the young ones.
  • Understanding of the critical life-skills and on how to  inculcate them for strong character formation.
  • Importance of ethical behavior and value-based society as an important ingredient of their future.
  •  Appreciating entrepreneurship skills as a key to practical learning and as a competitive employment option.
  • Practical Agribusiness projects to enable learners appreciate farming for food security,nutrition and employment creation as they transit into adulthood.

The Immediate Benefits of This Project Includes:

  • Learners appreciate the science of plants more practically.
  • Learn more on how  to tender crops from a learning perspective.
  • Improve their sense of responsibility & learn  to work effectively as teams.
  • From the money they generate from the sale of the crops, they can see a business perspective from farming.
  • Feeding the community from within with their crops.

YTEDC has endeavored to promote agribusiness projects in schools to help learners appreciate the importance of Farming as a competitive employer for the youth. Once they learn at an early stage they will appreciate their  role to food security and development  within their respective  communities. When the learners adapt farming it will help mitigate on the Rural-Urban migration of the productive youth into towns/cities in search of alternative jobs.

YTEDC appreciates; The Topeka (KS) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, USA, Prof. Norma Juma ( Washburn University), Aridan Executive Search (Geneva-Switzerland), Ioanna Kotsogianni (Athens-Greece) for their support to actualize this great initiative.

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