Unlocking Potential YTEDC's Integrated Entrepreneurship Training Program

We are delighted to share the success story of YTEDC’s transformative initiative, the “Integrated Entrepreneurship Training Program for Improved Livelihoods and Socio-economic Empowerment,” conducted in collaboration with James Finlay Kenya (JFK). From December 2022 to August 2023, YTEDC had the privilege of guiding a selected group of 84 participants within the JFK population through this comprehensive 8-month entrepreneurship journey.

  YTEDC trainers there with Caren, one of the graduates from the Entrepreneurship Skills Training Program 2023.  

Our heartfelt acknowledgment goes to JFK Management for their unwavering support in orchestrating logistical arrangements, allowing participants dedicated time for the training amidst their official responsibilities. 

We extend sincere gratitude to the 87 participants who not only completed the program successfully but exceeded our initial target.

Training Philosophy and Structure:

At the heart of this program is the philosophy encapsulated in the slogan “Siri ni kujiamini,” translating to “The secret is confidence.” Emphasizing self-belief and acceptance, the program encourages participants to set personal goals, fostering a mindset conducive to entrepreneurial success.

Structured into five key modules, the program equips participants with essential skills:

  1. Building a social support system through group entrepreneurship.
  2. Inculcating a saving culture for financial security and business capital.
  3. Providing entrepreneurship skills for business initiation, growth, and management.
  4. Imparting financial management skills crucial for both personal and business finances.
  5. Enhancing business competitiveness and profitability through value addition.

Key Highlights: The impact of this program is evident in the remarkable stories of transformation. Participants like Stanley Tole and Caren Sigei, initially hesitant, found their voices and confidence, a testament to the program’s success in building essential entrepreneurial attributes.

Throughout the training, enterprises were initiated, and existing ones enhanced. Noteworthy achievements include the initiation of a piggybank supply business by David Ngicho (Achievers) and Sharon Chelangat (Ushindi), expanding beyond their initial roles.

With 87 participants surpassing the targeted 75, achieving a remarkable 116% success rate, this program stands as a beacon of empowerment, instilling confidence, and driving real change in the pursuit of sustainable entrepreneurship. This success underscores YTEDC’s commitment to fostering growth, resilience, and innovation within communities.

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