In the age of technology, it doesn’t seem a wonderful that creativity is indeed the future of work for the young adults and youth. With our flower design app, we introduce a wonderful creation that can create jobs for youth. They can be their own virtual florists and design flower bouquets for clients and make their own business a worthwhile effort and most importantly a fun project that they can work with to economically empower themselves. They can go to organizations who they can talk to to be the organizations flower designer through this Flowerhood app. They can sell the idea by making the arrangements for the organization where they also create jobs for the youth. This is a great opportunity in tech to empower and create jobs for the youth. Today try downloading Flowerhood and send some virtual blooms to clients and also for wedding invitations, birthday wishes for employees, condolence messages, checking up on loved ones etc, thank you note to appreciate customers and also an opportunity to create their own personalized messages to whoever in the world. It is a wonderful creation to checkin people now that the virtual world is what we exist in.


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