Thank you

To all the participants that created time and attended today’s webinar, WE ARE GRATEFUL! Thank you for the great discussions that we had. We all learnt a lot from one another. We look forward to having you again for the next session in November, the exact date will be communicated in due course.

The Reality Of Running A Business

Are you a business start-up or desire to start,run and own a business? Then you have some learning to do. This way you will avoid the many pitfalls entrepreneurs often encounter on their individual journey in business. To start with, your business will demand you to be the; MD,HRM, Marketer,Accountant, Messenger etc. And to answer […]

Conversations That Change Lives

Listening to our youths, some have plans whereas many don’t. The lingering effects of the pandemic and other factors create confusion and uncertainty for recent graduates and young adults trying to get their bearings. We were more than happy to host all of you! May a breakthrough come forth

YTEDC’s CEO takes part in a webinar on MFIs

YTEDC’s CEO, Ms. Pauline Ngari joins other panelists in a webinar hosted by the School of African Microfinance – SAM to discuss “RISK MANAGEMENT: Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan for the MFIs in Africa”.


YTEDC continues to forge initiatives and strategic partnerships with organizations whose values are aligned with our own. Empowering the youth with education and life-skills remains our core focus because educating the youth and especially girls, improves not just their lives but the lives of their communities, the health and wealth of nations. Young Nony, a […]