The Stars Project

YTEDC Making a difference in Young mothers Lives-The Stars Project:
On 28 June, YTEDC held a remarkable fan and sports day for the young mothers under the YTEDC “Stars” business development training Projects’. The forum was in an effort to bring together these young mothers under the project to network, share experiences, share a meal, and uplift their spirits and for exposure as part of the projects initiatives.
The day was marked by a football tournament and a game of “Kati”- a Kenya traditional skills’ based game by young ones.
It was great and encouraging to see how much the mothers and the young kids enjoyed every part of the day and the activities together. The two teams went draw on the football game.
YTEDC Ltd will continue to reach out to all vulnerable young mothers under 25 years especially those from marginalized environments and those in need of psychosocial support as they nurture their young ones. The efforts, by YTEDC to facilitate an integrated business development training program, is aimed at securing the future generations, by enabling these mothers earn a descent livelihoods through sustainable micro businesses as well as uplifting their self-esteem and self believe.

By extension, the training will mitigate on increase of street families by the desperate dejected young mothers.
YTEDC calls upon all needy mothers to reach out to for such supportive initiatives and all stakeholders to join hands with us on this critical life transforming initiative for the bigger good of the country.


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