Program Name: “She Embraces Change”
Target group: Senior women mangers/Executives
Women and the lonely top.

Every person yarns to get to the top in their career. It is often the best way to actualize your dream as many imagine. At the top you get good salary, hefty allowances, many privileges and often a lot of international travels. The flip side of this and what many don’t know is that this often comes with a personal price to pay especially for women;

  1. You become too busy to attend to your personal issues.
  2. Your health, personal and social life takes a back seat.
  3. Your family is neglected.
  4. You are permanently pre-occupied with work related issues.
  5. You talk about your work to everybody and everywhere.

The job Encounter for women in senior position.

The battles and stereotypes that a woman goes through right from the job interviews to the job execution are many, always on trial trail to prove yourself and keep the job. You must work extra hard by putting in more hours and effort. What a man must do to excel, a woman must do much more for her to be validated as a performer. In the process of proving yourself-worth you get disconnected from yourself, health, family, friends/relatives and the real life. You have the money, the job title and all other so called work benefits yet you are an unfulfilled person- Your life has a vacuum. You now start “surviving” instead of living.

Often the societal expectations/attitude towards such women is prejudiced. They are negatively monitored, controlled and harshly judged resulting to limited social life and isolation.

Some of the repercussions?

  • Perpetually anxious and stressed.
  • Often impatient and unexplained mood swings.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Illnesses -Chronic conditions/
  • Unexplainable weight loss/gain.
  • Withdrawal/Depressions/Addictions.
  • Unexplained change of social behavior /association.
  • Among others.

What is clear here is that at this stage there is no genuine fulfilling happiness in your “real” life.

The program “She Embraces Change” provides a safe environment to learn how to manage and get out of your situation through sharing experiences with those who have gone through similar circumstances as well as from those still in it.


  1. Safe environment to express yourself without being judged.
  2. Increase your social network by making new friends.
  3. Help you evaluate and review your current situation and improve for better.
  4. Learn new things from mentors and peers.
  5. Experience happy moment(s) with your peers and new found friends.
  6. Help you self-realized and rediscover self.
  7. Help you to appreciate yourself and regain your self-esteem.
  • Physical forum bringing together women senior managers/Executives.
  • Hosted monthly every 3rd Saturday starting 1600-1800hr.
  • Hosted in a cocktail style for ease of socializing.
  • Venue-dependent on the number of participants per session.
  • Dress code –Casual.
  • No formal speech- open sharing and networking.

For more information contact:

Tel. +254718266461