Nurturing your child’s abilities into a responsible young adult.

Directing, supporting, mentoring and guiding your children as they grow-up determines to a great extent what they become when they are adults. Unfortunately our current busy lives deny many parents the chance to spend quality time with their children. The social and security dynamics in our environment also limits the opportunity for children to freely interact, play, discover new things and socialize as they should. Consequently this affects their physical, mental, creative and social skills development.
We seek to partner with parents in this process of directing, supporting, mentoring and coaching children into responsible young adults. We provide a structured and personalized approach to your son’s/ daughter’s developmental needs to enable them discover and design their- individual life destiny/goals.
Enroll your child now & start nurturing the man or woman you want him/her to be @20years

Discover & Design your life Destiny

Target group: Youth 12- 20 years.
Focus: Enabling youth face the realities of life with confidence.
To facilitate youth Transition into adulthood with clarity.

The Context.

Parents are ever busy looking for money to provide for their children and often spend limited quality time with their young ones as they grow. On the other hand, children, especially from urban families have a very controlled and protected lives. Dropped to school either by parents or via school transport, fed at school, picked from school back home, they feed, freshen up and retire for the day. Their free time is filled up by phone games or watching TV. Such children have no opportunity for a challenging mental, physical or creative work/duties especially those under house helps. Their parents often make all the decisions for them including career choices.

@ 18 years & above.

  • Many do not even know what they want to be in life.
  • Do not have life or career plan after school.
  • Cannot make personal decisions about themselves.
  • Cannot look for a job on their own or by themselves.
  • Lack self-confidence and have low self-esteem.
  • Lack survival techniques in the face of life challenges.
  • Some are just laid-back about their future.
  • Have no vision or aspirations about their future.
  • Do not visualize their lives without their parents.
  • Some really do not care because they are used to having their parents manage their lives for them.
  • Many are lazy with minimal personal initiative to do anything.

  • Parents become frustrated because often it is too late for a behavior change.
  • Often they remain a burden to their parents into their adulthood.
  • Such individuals find it hard to cope with even the very obvious life challenges and responsibilities.
  • Find it hard to sustain a job or a relationship due to their inability to handle even the least pressure/stress.
  • In the absence of parents such individual often end up with confused and depressed lives.
  • We seek to partner with parents and guardians to enable their teenage children set and actualized personal life plans through this transformative program focused on training, coaching mentoring and guiding.

    Areas to be covered;

  • Enable them appreciate that Life is very personal.
  • Improving own self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Identifying own strengths and weakness.
  • Talk about critical life-skills and bringing out the best of their abilities
  • Help unleash and nurture own talent.
  • Help them discover own aspirations.
  • Importance of life-role model for individual motivation and Support.
  • Career guidance to help identify own professional calling/desire.
  • Parents’ role in bringing out the best out of their teenage daughter and son.

Final progress review and action plan with both child and parent.

Expected Outcome

  • Independent and character based youth able to maneuver through life on their own by age 21 years
  • Productive, responsible, and focused young adults with clarity on what they want to pursue in life.
  • Happy and clear about one’s plans and goals in life.
  • Actualized and happy parents.
  • A productive young population.

    The Execution plan.
    This life transformational and individualized program is structure into 10 sessions of 2 hours each.
  • The weekly plan is scheduled according to the individual’s convenience.
  • For those in boarding school- We have holiday based sessions of 2 hour each per week planned alongside the length of the school holidays.
  • We host online monthly sessions to sensitize parents on the importance of enabling their teenage children identify, set and actualize individual life plan and take individual charge for own future life.
  • We have group-based plan tailored for self-confidence building and social skills development for teenagers under one age bracket, based on: Primary, junior secondary, senior secondary and university. Minimum group size is 5.
  • The program is also executed through organized youth groups from churches, schools and other institution.
“Samaki mkuje angali mbichi”